# Nick Rank Skype E-Mail Languages
1 *DamN* Administrator edvinas181 admin@legancy-mu.eu LT/EN
2 MENTAS Administrator playgrp.lt admin@legancy-mu.eu LT/EN

(*) Phone: +37069052585
(*) Email: ddonatas08@gmail.com
(*) The administrator must respond to: banned players, errors, bugs, server maintenance!
(*) From administrator cannot ask: items, credits, gamemaster and others!
(*) From GameMaster cannot ask: items, credits and others!
(*) GameMaster must answer to player: information, game features or others question!
(*) Administrator/GameMaster must help LEGANCY-MU players!
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Server 1: Online
Total Users Online: 0
Total Accounts: 125
Total Characters: 256
Total Vips: 23
Total Banned: 0
Total Actives: 58
Total Guilds: 14
Game Masters: 3
Experience: 5000x
Drop: 50%
Server Alive: 360 Days